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We are a dedicated group of professionals committed to providing you with a reliable and secure solution for retrieving call logs from Facebook Messenger.

At our company, we specialize in developing software designed specifically for this purpose, offering users a quick and safe way to access their call data.

One of our key principles is ensuring the privacy and security of our users' information. We firmly believe in data protection and transparency, which is why we process all data directly on the user's side. As a result, we do not store any user data, ensuring complete confidentiality throughout the entire process.

With our app, you can conveniently access and analyze your Facebook Messenger call logs, empowering you with valuable insights and enhancing your communication experience. Our team of experts works tirelessly to deliver a seamless and user-friendly interface, making the retrieval process effortless and efficient.

Our Values

Unlocking Visa Journeys, One Call Log at a Time

Reliable and Convenient Evidence Gathering

Our software provides a reliable and convenient solution for collecting call logs from Facebook Messenger. By using our tool, you can easily access and compile the necessary evidence to support your migration visa application. We understand the significance of having accurate and verifiable information, and our software ensures that you have the evidence you need in a streamlined manner.

Privacy and Data Security are our top priority

Protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your data is one of our core values. We process all data directly on the user's side, which means that your personal information remains confidential and secure.
We do not store any user data, giving you peace of mind while using our software to gather the evidence required for your migration visa application.

Efficient and Time-Saving Solution

Applying for a migration visa can be a time-sensitive process, and we understand the importance of efficiency. Our software is designed to provide a quick and efficient way to retrieve call logs from Facebook Messenger, saving you valuable time during your application process. With our tool, you can gather the necessary evidence promptly and effectively, enabling you to focus on other essential aspects of your visa application.

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Step 1: download your Facebook data file

  • Click here to download your Facebook data (for PC only, does not work on mobile)

  • Then select Format JSON -> Media Quality Low -> Deselect all selection and tick only Messages -> Create file (how?)

  • Once the file is created, you will get a notification from Facebook. It may take a few hours for this notification to appear, depending on how big your data is. Open that notification to download your the zip file.

Step 2: use zip file with our app to view your call logs

Simply use our app to open your Facebook data zip file. You will then be able to print out individual(s) or all call logs, or messages. (how?)

Launch App Sample Result

No installation required

Instant results

No data upload needed

Name & timeZone customizable

Accessed anytime

FREE for 15 call records

Empowering Communication Insights

Efficient Data Extraction

Automates the extraction process to seamlessly retrieve call logs and chat messages from Facebook's downloaded zip files, saving users time and effort.

Enhanced Visa Application Support

Provides compelling evidence for relationship/sponsorship visa applications by extracting valuable call logs and chat messages that demonstrate communication history.

Versatile Functionality

Offers extraction options for both call logs and chat messages, accommodating diverse user requirements within a single software solution.

Secure Data Handling

Implements robust security measures to protect user data, ensuring privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of extracted information.

Flexible Pricing Options

Reasonably priced at $19.99 for call logs extraction and $4.99 for message extraction, with a free version allowing users to print the first 15 call records without charge.

Trustworthy Payment Handling

Utilizes secure payment gateways like PayPal, ensuring safe and reliable transactions that prioritize customer satisfaction and trust.


Solid as the Paper Trail


Rest assured, our app ensures complete security as all data is processed on your PC without any connection to the internet.


Experience lightning-fast results as our app delivers instant data retrieval with unrivaled speed.


Our app has been widely recognized and successfully utilized as valuable evidence and data support in visa applications.


Our app is trusted and utilized by a multitude of users worldwide.


Experience a seamless and secure payment process, ensuring your unlock statement experience is smooth and protected

No one else can

Discover the exclusivity of our service, as we proudly stand as the sole provider in the world.


Check our Pricing

Message Logs

$4.99 / statement
  • Unlimited chat messages

Call Logs Free

$0 / statement
  • 15 call records
  • Customize name & timezone
  • Total duration
  • Total number of calls
  • Show date range

Call Logs Full

$19.99 / statement
  • Unlimited call records
  • Customize name & timezone
  • Total duration
  • Total number of calls
  • Show date range


Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it takes hours and days for Facebook to create your Facebook data file. Please wait and eventually it will show to you.

To speed up the process, remember to choose JSON Low quality and Messages only during file creation as mentioned in How to

When creating your Facebook data file (How to), besides choosing JSON Low quality, please make sure to select All of my data for Date Range selection. Facebook will then create all available data up to now for you.

When a call history statement is unlocked, it is also sent to your email address. Please check your mailbox.

If you still cannot find it, or have lost the email, please contact us with your email address and/or purchase date, and we'll try to recover it for you .

Privacy and Data Protection are our top priority.

  • Your Facebook data file is stored and processed on your computer, disconnected to the world (and us), to make sure it is only accessible by you. After having your call logs, it is strongly recommended to delete your Facebook zip file on your computer immediately. Do NOT give your Facebook data zip file to anyone.
  • When printing out message log statement: we do not receive nor record any info from you. It is done locally on your PC.
  • When printing out call log statement: we record the following information: your Facebook name, the caller name, call date and duration. They are to generate the statement on screen. These data will not be shared with any third party, by any mean, and are handled securely. Beside such data, we do not receive any other data from you.

The app is completely free to download and use.

When exporting the Call History records, we charge a small fee per statement. $19.99/statement for individual contact.

See our pricing.

The file is loaded and processed on your browser so it is up to your browser capacity to run it. If the file is too big, please try different methods such as running the app locally or using JSON file. This info can be found at the bottom of the main app page.


What they are saying about us

The pricing options are reasonable, and the ability to extract both call logs and chat messages in one place is a huge advantage. Data security is of utmost importance, and this app ensures secure handling of sensitive information. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration make it a valuable tool for our team who call our customers mostly on Facebook Messengers.

Ethan Mitchell

Digital Marketing Manager

Wow, I can't express how grateful I am for this amazing software! As a young, energetic woman managing a long-distance relationship, gathering evidence for my visa application used to be a daunting task. But thanks to this app, extracting call logs and chat messages from my Facebook zip file has become a breeze!

Mia Leung

Satisfied Customer

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much time and stress this app has saved me! As a busy office girl, gathering call logs and chat messages for my visa application used to be a nightmare. But this app is a total lifesaver!

Amelia Davis

Satisfied Customer

Man, this app is a game-changer for me! Extracting call logs and chat messages from my Messenger used to be a real headache, but this app has made it ridiculously easy.

Noah Williams

Satisfied Customer

Wow, this app has been a game-changer for my startup journey! Extracting call logs and chat messages from my Facebook with my customers used to be a time-consuming task. But thanks to this app, it has become incredibly efficient.

Alexander Reynolds

Facebook Store Owner


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Benjamin is the visionary leader and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of our company. With a keen business acumen and strategic mindset, Benjamin guides the organization towards growth and success. His strong leadership skills and deep industry knowledge make him an inspiring figure for the team. Walter is dedicated to driving innovation, fostering partnerships, and ensuring the company's overall success in the competitive market.

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Sophia is a talented and experienced Product Manager who plays a crucial role in our team. With her exceptional understanding of market dynamics and customer needs, Sarah leads the development and implementation of our software products.

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Olivia Jepson is a highly skilled and dedicated Lead Developer within our team. With her exceptional programming expertise and passion for coding, Olivia spearheads the development process, ensuring the delivery of robust and efficient software solutions.

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Brian is a talented and experienced Lead Developer who brings exceptional technical skills to our team. With a passion for crafting elegant and scalable solutions, Brian plays a pivotal role in the development and implementation of our software products.


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